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Lash Extensions

What are eyelash extensions? Eyelash extensions are individual lashes made of a synthetic material similar to strip lashes. The extensions are placed on the natural lashes with a temporary adhesive that is stronger than strip lash adhesive. The lashes are different lengths and thicknesses. They can be placed individually or in a fan which is multiple lashes glues together. This luxury service adds length and fullness to the natural lashes. Each extension service is customized to a person's natural lashes and eye shape. There are different styles of extensions to choose from based on the desired look for you!


Single lash extensions are placed on each individual natural lash giving the most natural look to the eye. I usually describe this style as a "mascara look." This style is great for those who have naturally full eyelashes and want to add length.


A mix of single lash extensions and fans are placed on each individual natural lash adding length and more fullness than a classic set. This style is in-between Classic and Volume extensions.


Multiple lash extensions are placed on each individual lash in a fan to give the most fullness and length. This style is perfect for someone who likes to wear strip lashes or likes a more dramatic look for their lashes.

Lash Extensions Do's & Don'ts

Having lash extensions require proper aftercare to maintain the health and retention of your natural lashes. It is important to consider your lifestyle before committing to lash extensions.

  1. Lash Extensions CAN NOT be exposed to moisture for 24 hours after the service is complete. Any type of moisture (showering, swimming, steam, saunas, rain, working out, crying, anything that causes perspire, etc) will affect the lash extension adhesive to breakdown causing the lash extensions to fall off quickly. After the 24 hours, it is still important to limit the amount of exposure to moisture whenever possible.

  2. Rubbing, picking, and pulling at the lash extensions or lash line will cause the lash extensions to fall out. Rough movement to the lash extensions will loosen the adhesive causing the extensions to fall out more quickly. Only touch the eye area with clean hands and use a lash wand to fix any lash extension that moves.

  3. Avoid sleeping on your face. Sleeping on your back is recommended after getting lash extensions. It is important to protect the eye area the entire length of having lash extensions. Sleeping on your face will cause the lash extensions to shed more quickly than normal.

  4. Only use oil-free face products. Oils are lash extensions' worst nightmare. Any face product containing oil will cause the lash extensions to shed more often than normal.

  5. Cleaning your lash extensions 2-3 times a week (more often if heavy makeup is worn) is essential to maintain clean, healthy lashes. Use a gentle lash cleanser sold at Netanya Lynn Beauty with a fluffy brush to wash away any buildup or makeup. A clean lash line and will provide longer lasting retention and improve the strength of the natural lashes. Mascara should never be applied to the lash extensions.

  6. Always pat wet lashes with a soft towel and use a lash fan or blowdryer on cool to dry the lash extensions. It is important to dry wet lashes with cool air to prevent lash extensions from clumping together. Brush the lashes with a lash wand after the extensions are dry to fluff the lash extensions.

  7. Our natural, adult lashes shed just like our hair sheds each day. This is why fill appointments are important to maintain the appearance of full lash extensions. The lash extensions last about 2-3 weeks before needing a fill. At the fill appointment, grown out lashes are removed and new lash extensions are placed. If there are less than 50% of the lash extensions left at the fill appointment, the service will be considered a full set.

  8. Lash extensions should be removed by a professional. Trying to take off the lash extensions on your own can cause damage to the natural lashes. Lash extensions are not damaging to your natural lashes as long as they are placed correctly by a licensed/certified professional and proper aftercare is followed.

Following these lash extension do's & don'ts will help maintain healthy, natural lashes. Lash extensions are a luxury service that requires maintenance to keep them looking full and beautiful.

If you have any questions about lash extensions, please reach out to Netanya to set up a consultation!


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